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Annual Reports
Studio & Location Case Study
Photography by David Hutchison

Although an occasional photographic contributor to several client companies' Annual Reports, a new client, the multi-national paper manufacturer Tullis Russell Ltd., requested all photography (with initial design input) for their forthcoming Annual Report.

Tullis Russell has manufacturing plants in the UK; France; Germany and America and it was determined, that visibly visiting all plants would produce the best results for all concerned.

 Copyright David Hutchison

 Copyright David Hutchison
Each Tullis Russell plant deals with different aspects of paper manufacture and produces a variety of products and/or finishes. Without knowing what could be expected photographically, the client set an image size for the Annual Report's inner pages and all photographs would need to be taken to suit. A colour cover was required with black & white for the inner pages. Carte blanche was given for all photographs, and the only stipulation was that the cover should be a single image which ran over three 'pages' - the Front; Back and an Inner Back (which would act as a sleeve to add a separate, individualised, publication for each plant and for investors).
Sample pages from Annual Report One can be seen here.

The following year, Tullis Russell again requested all photography for their Annual Report. This time however there was no requirement for photographs to fit a pre-determined size, and colour would be used throughout. Although the previous year's cover had been highly successful, the client realised that a 'third' cover page had added considerably to their costs and for this Annual Report the cover image was only required to run over the Front and Back. The request was for, "Something the same . . . but different."

Sample pages from Annual Report Two can be seen here.

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