David Hutchison Annual Report Photography

Tullis Russell Annual Report One

Photography by David Hutchison

Given the client's requirements to have one colour image which would run over three pages [Front, Back and 'Inside Back'] and having, almost, carte blanche as to what that image would be, was both a challenge and a concern - the cover shot was the last image to be shot, therefore closest to the deadline, and when all other images were taken, the client's representative had been on-site for feedback.

The decision was made to take one of the client's products and let them see it, hopefully, in an entirely 'different' way. Using 4" x 2" swatches torn from several client sample books, and shooting on a black ground, the image below was created. This very last image was highly approved by the client and ultimately the report cover was printed on Lustrulux™ 300gsm paper, finished on highest gloss.

 Copyright David Hutchison

These low-resolution inner page samples show the 'set image size' for each photograph. Although having to conform to a particular sizing (accomplished on-site by using masks) this route produced a pleasing uniformity for print layout.

These (confidential) pages, with individual portraits of each Board Member, appeared at the start of the Annual Report (with the Chief Executive's Review) and before the pages of fiscal review.

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